US steel industry criticises EPA uncertainty

SBB 2 March: A high-profile steel trade group has blasted the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision last week to delay addressing certain greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions until 2011.The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) criticized EPA administrator Lisa Jackson’s response to a letter from eight US senators requesting an outline of the agency’s plans this year for addressing GHG emissions. Jackson said no facilities will be required to address GHG emissions under Clean Air Act permitting for new construction or capital modifications before 2011.

She also said for the first half of next year, only facilities that already must apply for Clean Air Act permits will need to address GHG emissions in permit applications, according to the EPA Web site.In a statement seen by Steel Business Briefing, the AISI said Jackson’s response “leaves many important questions unresolved” for steelmakers and others impacted by any GHG reduction plans, such as cap-and-trade.“A temporary delay in regulation for some sources, as EPA has proposed, does not provide the certainty that businesses need,” the AISI said.

“Without an international agreement on GHG emissions reductions, EPA regulation of greenhouse gases will only transfer emissions – and critical manufacturing jobs – overseas. We call on Congress to stop EPA and instead consider a legislative approach that reduces emissions while ensuring international competitiveness for domestic industries.”

AISI president Thomas Gibson, Congressional Steel Caucus chairman Pete Visclosky and others will address GHG regulation at SBB’s Green Steel Summit, May 20-21 in Washington, DC


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  1. CHG emissions must be looked at before its too late!


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