EU lists two steelworks in carbon emissions top 30 in 2009

The five largest EU steel mills in terms of CO2 emissions in 2009 include ArcelorMittal Dunkerque, ThyssenKrupp Steel in Duisburg, Corus Staal in IJmuiden and Teesside Integrated I&S (TCP), and ILVA Taranto. These are also most likely last year’s five largest integrated producers of crude steel in Europe. The companies themselves don’t give plant by plant production numbers, but it can be estimated that Dunkirk made around 4.6m t of crude steel in 2009 @ a CO2 intensity of 2t CO2/t crude steel, and similar rough calculations can be made for the other plants.

SBB 9 April Two steelworks are on the European Commission’s list of the 30 largest carbon dioxide emitters in the European Union last year, Steel Business Briefing has learnt from preliminary data recently published.

ArcelorMittal Dunkirk was No.15 on the list with 9.2m t of carbon dioxide emissions in 2009. ThyssenKrupp Duisburg was at No. 26 with 6.6m t of CO2 emitted.

Both plants ended the year with a surplus of carbon credits. ArcelorMittal Dunkirk was allocated 11.7m European Union Allowances (EUAs), each with a value of one tonne of CO2. This was 2.5m more than the amount of CO2 actually emitted. ThyssenKrupp Duisburg received 19.6m EUAs, 13m more than were necessary to cover its emissions, the Commission data show.

Corus Staal in the Netherlands, Teesside Integrated Iron & Steel in the UK and Italy’s Ilva Taranto just missed inclusion in the top 30, according to SBB’s own analysis of the data. Each had CO2 emissions of over 5m t in 2009. And all three had a surplus of EUAs.

Other companies with plants among the largest CO2 emitters in the sector include Salzgitter and Dillinger. On average, an integrated steelworks emits almost two tonnes of CO2 for every tonne of crude steel produced.


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