China’s steel industry could cut CO2 by 150m t

This World Bank report unfortunately does not give the volume of Chinese CO2 steel emissions. But they could well be quite high in tonnage terms, and quite low in percentage terms. This would reflect the high volume of old blast furnaces on the one hand, and the high proportion of power generated by coal fired power stations on the other hand. Quick unsophisticated calculations show that China’s steel industry can be expected to have emitted around 1bn t CO2 in 2008.

SBB 20 April: The Chinese iron and steel industry could reduce CO2 emissions by 150m tonnes through the application of best available technology, Steel Business Briefing learns from a World Bank report. 150m t is the equivalent of just over 2.6% of China’s total CO2 emissions, according to measurements made in 2008.

The report also points to the retiring of out-of-date facilities and improving energy efficiency as ways of reducing emissions. It points out that, in China, industry as a whole accounts for 71% of total energy demand.


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