ArcelorMittal applies for carbon capture funding

SBB 7 February ArcelorMittal has submitted an application for funding from NER300, the European Union’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) funding scheme, the company confirms to Steel Business Briefing. The funding would go towards the top-gas recycling (TGR) blast furnace pilot plant which the company intends to build at its Florange steelworks in northern France as part of the EU’s Ultra-Low Cost Steelmaking programme.

The NER300 scheme is able to provide a total of 300m European Union Allowances (EUAs), with a current market value of some €4.3bn ($5.6bn), to CCS projects in the EU. The scheme could pick successful applications by the end of this year, SBB understands. ArcelorMittal is also looking for French and German state backing and funding from the ULCOS programme itself.

The NER300 scheme is primarily targeted at the oil, gas  and energy industries, as steelmaking emissions are not normally suitable for CCS. However, some new ironmaking technologies generate emissions which are suitable.

The TGR blast furnace could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reusing waste gases. Any further emissions would then be suitable for CCS. ArcelorMittal is currently looking for a suitable storage site for captured carbon dioxide in northern France. The company expects the Florange pilot plant and another in Eisenhüttenstadt in Germany to yield results by 2013/2014.


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