US EPA extends GHG reporting deadline

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s attempts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from stationary sources has provoked strong opposition, in particular from heavy industry. The EPA succeeded in defending its position in court at the end of last year and is pushing ahead with its plans. However, its role in regulating greenhouse gases is far from secure.

SBB 2 March The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will extend the deadline for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting by large emitters, such as steelmakers, Steel Business Briefing learns. The government agency issued a statement yesterday saying it will extend this year’s reporting deadline – originally March 31 – and have “the final uploading tool available this summer, with the data scheduled to be published later this year.” It did not provide specific dates for either milestone. The EPA says the decision was made “following conversations with industry and others, and in the interest of providing high-quality data to the public this year.” “To ensure that the requirements are practical and understandable to the thousands of companies already registered to report under the program, the agency is in the process of finalizing a user-friendly online electronic reporting platform,” the agency says. “This extension will allow EPA to further test the system that facilities will use to submit data and give industry the opportunity to test the tool, provide feedback and have sufficient time to become familiar with the tool prior to reporting.”US trade groups have contended the EPA’s involvement in regulating GHGs under the Clean Air Act prevents an international approach on climate change, while placing unfair burdens on domestic manufacturers. They’ve pushed instead for a legislative approach, as SBB reported.


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