ArcelorMittal cuts CO2 intensity

Because carbon dioxide emissions are embedded steel production, emissions from the industry are likely to increase as steel demand and output grow. However, there is some room to improve the intensity of emissions through investments in technology.

SBB 11 May Carbon dioxide emissions from ArcelorMittal’s global operations were up by 35m tonnes to 199m t in 2010, Steel Business Briefing learns from the company’s annual corporate responsibility report. However, the intensity of CO2 emissions fell to 2.15 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of steel produced.

The increase in total emissions was largely because of a number of facilities restarting production last year. Total emissions are still under the 2008 figure of 224m t.

A number of investments across the company’s operations helped reduce the intensity of emissions below 2008’s level of 2.184 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of steel. The company spent $347m on environmental technology in 2010, the report says, up from $224m in 2009.

Investments included a new waste gas recovery plant at ArcelorMittal Ghent in Belgium which started in 2010 is intended to save 129,000 t of CO2 emissions annually. A similar plant is being built at ArcelorMittal Bremen in Germany, as previously reported.


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  1. Intresting News

    Regards (World Largest Steel And Metals Portel)


    • Yes, in particular as it brings together some of the various investments we have reported on recently. It is also interesting in light of concerns over the ETS. Investment in European industry suggests that steelmakers may intend to stick it out in Europe in spite of higher costs. For more detailed and up to date coverage from the largest global steel news provider, check out


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