US patent office rules in favour of Severstal producing light-weight steels

As environmental regulations become increasingly strict across many industries, those industries are looking for new products and new designs to help them reduce their emissions. In the auto industry this is all about light weight components. Steelmakers looking to cater to this market strive to keep thier innovations from the hands of their competitors, with varying success.

SBB 12 May The US patent and trademark office (USPTO) has preliminarily reaffirmed its decision that a patent held by ArcelorMittal for technology involved in producing aluminum coated boron-bearing carbon sheet for the automotive industry is invalid, according to Severstal North America.

“As a result of this decision, the USPTO affirmed its earlier ruling and has now held that all of the claims of the ArcelorMittal patent are held unpatentable for multiple reasons,” Severstal stated Wednesday in a release. “In anticipation of this decision, Severstal indicated that it has already developed the necessary expertise to provide the aluminum coated boron-bearing carbon steel per the specifications of the automotive manufacturers.”

An Arcelormittal spokeswoman said the company will appeal the ruling and doesn’t expect it to have any material impact on its customers, Steel Business Briefing reports.

“ArcelorMittal will now, as is normal with any and all patent owners in the course of patent reexamination procedure, prepare a response to convince the USPTO that the company’s patent is valid and enforceable,” she said. “Accordingly, ArcelorMittal is reviewing this communication and will be formulating a detailed response in rebuttal.”


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